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Research Registry No : PRID-00731_V1
Registration Date : 2020-03-21
Thesis Title : Perception, Motivators and Deterrents on Blood Donation among Blood Donors at Central Women\'s Hospital (Yangon)
Author Name : MAY ZAW TUN
City : Yangon
State/ Region : Yangon Region
Field of Thesis : Administration and Management
Education Status : Master of Hospital Administration
Host Department Address : New Yangon General Hospital, The corner of Pyay Road and Bogyoke Aung San Road, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Supervisor's Name : DR AYE AYE WIN
Supervisor's Designation : Associated Professor
Supervisor’s Home Department :
Year of Post Graduation : 2019
Name and Placement of University : The University of Public Health (Yangon)
Academic Level : Other Master and Above Degree
Thesis Notes for Specialty : Master Thesis of Hospital Administration (MHA)
Abstract : In health care system, blood transfusion is one of the important therapeutic procedures which absolutely rely on blood. To get safe blood transfusion, blood donors and their behavior are vital. Voluntary blood donor is limited resource in Myanmar. Voluntary blood donors with healthy behavior are needed to donate regularly and maintain their good behavior throughout their lives. This study was conducted to assess perception, motivators and deterrents on blood donation among blood donors at Central Women’s Hospital (CWH) (Yangon) 2019. Cross-sectional hospital-based study was conducted among 166 blood donors at CWH (Yangon) during August to November, 2019. Data collection was done through face-to-face interviews and reviewing hospital records of blood and blood products utilization in CWH (Yangon) from January to June, 2019. Individual in-depth interviews were also done among 6 blood donors. In study, only 31% of blood donors had regular donation practice. Blood donors with good knowledge were 57% while favorable attitude were 60.2%. The commonest reason for blood donation was voluntary (95.2%). Older blood donors had more regular practice than younger people (P=0.04). It was observed that the more frequent blood donation, the more regular practice (P<0.001). Favorable attitude among regular blood donors was significantly higher than that of non-regular blood donors (P=0.003). About 94% of regular blood donors stated that the commonest motivator for regular practice was to help other people. Nearly one-fourth of non-regular donors (23.7%) stated that the commonest deterrent was busyness and about one-fifth of non-regular donors (20.2%) wanted to donate blood only when they directly meet patients. Qualitative study observed that regular practice was favored due to being members of blood donation group and almost all non-regular donors wish to donate blood only when they directly meet patients who need blood. In conclusion, about half of blood donors had good knowledge and favorable attitude. Good knowledge was mainly influenced by higher educational level, repeated and voluntary donor. Favorable attitude was mainly influenced by older age, higher educational level, repeated and voluntary donor. Among every three blood donors, one donates blood regularly. Regular practice was mainly influenced by older age, repeated and voluntary donor, frequent donation times and favorable attitude.
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Date : 2019-09-25
Placement of IRB/PRC/ERC : University of Public Health (Yangon) - Institutional Review Board
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Letter/PRC/Document : 21032020082912EthicalApproval.pdf
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