Preliminary Registration Detail

Research Registry No : PLRID-00475_V1
Postgraduate Research :
University Departmental Research : yes
Registration Date : 2019-08-09
Principle Investigator : KhinNyoThein
Co-Investigators : Kazuhiro Kamata
Title of Research : Japan and Myanmar Joint Research project on acute severe diarrhoea in children
Field of Research : Paediatrics
Preliminary Research Design : Descriptive Study
Preliminary Research Type : Applied
Preliminary Justification : There is limited reports regarding the seasonality and etiology of acute severe diarrhoea in children and therefore this study will identify the seasonality and different etiological agents including viruses, bacteria and parasites causing severe diarrhoea in children.
Preliminary Aim : To study the Acute severe diarrhoea in children admitted to Yankin Children hospital
Preliminary Objectives : To identity the pathogens causing acute severe diarrhoea
Preliminary Sample Size : 250
Preliminary Study Duration : One year
Preliminary Study Area : Yankin children hospital, University of Medicine 2
Preliminary Study Method : Hospital based descriptive study
Preliminary Research Outcome : Better understanding of etiology of acute severe diarrhoea and formulating better management plan.
Preliminary Research Finding : Next year
Preliminary Progress Report : Stage of pilot study
Study Starting Date : 2019-09-09
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Date : 2019-06-11
Placement of IRB/PRC/ERC : ERC,DMR
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Letter/Document : 2019-35 Prof. Khin Nyo Thein, Kazuhiro Kamata.pdf
Pre-existing Registration ID : 2019-0030
Pre-existing Name of Organization : Niigata University
Pre-existing Name of Organization Website :