Preliminary Registration Detail

Research Registry No : PLRID-00972_V1
Postgraduate Research : No
University Departmental Research : Yes
Name of University : University of Community Health, Magway
Department : Department of English
Registration Date : 2020-11-25
Principle Investigator : Tay Za Kyaw
Co-Investigators : Thi Thi Aung
Title of Research : Assessment of Relevance of Foundation Courses to Community Health Courses at University of Community Health, Magway, Myanmar, 2020
Field of Research : Administration and Management
Preliminary Research Design : Descriptive Study
Preliminary Research Type : Basic
Preliminary Justification : In the conventional system of community health education, 8 foundation subjects (Myanmar, English, Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, First Aid and Traditional Medicine) are taught in the 1st year whereas, in the 2nd, the 3rd and the final year, 12 community health subjects (Structure and Function, Pathology, Pharmacology, Disease Control, Statistics, Community health, Environmental health, Educational Science, Health promotion, Medicine, Surgery and Research methodology) are taught. The objective of this study is to explore the students’ perception about content, need and application of foundation subjects during the 3rd and final years of their Community Health studies.It is clear that evaluations are critical to ensure relevancy of these subjects to Community Health studies and to find out about learners' and teachers' perspectives of curriculum structure and teaching methods for the sake of curriculum review, course development and faculty development. Furthermore, this research is of vital importance to evaluate the level of students’ perception with the practical integration of foundation subjects to their major subjects. Since its inception, the subjects on the curriculum have been reviewed on a regular basis. Sweeping academic changes have also been made for the betterment and development of the curriculum at UCH. However, the question about relevance of foundation courses to community health courses has never been addressed before. Several other questions have still not been resolved in terms of students’ perception and teachers’ opinions so as to provide an update on the progress of the curriculum reform.
Preliminary Aim : To assess the relevance of foundation courses to other courses of BCommH program at University of Community Health, Magway, Myanmar in 2020
Preliminary Objectives : (1) To assess the students' perception of relevance and applicability of foundation courses to other courses of BCommH program (2) To explore the challenges of the students in learning foundation courses
Preliminary Sample Size : Students of University of Community Health, Magway
Preliminary Study Duration : From May 2020 to October 2020
Preliminary Study Area : University of Community Health, Magway
Preliminary Study Method : Cross sectional study (mixed methods) will be used.
Preliminary Research Outcome : To provide information for the curriculum review and development
Preliminary Research Finding : information for the curriculum review and development will be applied.
Preliminary Progress Report : Study was completed at the moment and will present at 49th Myanmar Health Research Congress
Study Starting Date : 2020-07-01
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Date : 2020-08-31
Placement of IRB/PRC/ERC : University of Public Health, Yangon
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Letter/Document : 25112020072537UTayZaKyaw.pdf
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