Preliminary Registration Detail

Research Registry No : PLRID-00989_V1
Postgraduate Research : local
Name of University : University Of Dental Medicine, Mandalay
Degree : Master Degree
University Departmental Research : Yes
Name of University : University of Dental Medicine, Mandalay
Department : Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry
Registration Date : 2020-11-26
Principle Investigator : Nay Oo Khant
Co-Investigators : Dr Ye Htet Aung, Dr Sai Naung Kham, Dr Phyo Pyae Pyae Aung
Field of Research : Dentistry
Preliminary Research Design : Descriptive Study
Preliminary Research Type : HSR/Social
Preliminary Justification : Halitosis can cause serious social problem and it can affect both physical and mental health. Health care personnel should be aware of maintaing proper oral health care habits because their oral health conditions and systemic conditions may be related to halitosis. They should also have proper knowledge concerning with halitosis and its associated risk factors. There is one study in Myanmar about the knowledge of oral malodor among dental students and young dentists and found that two-third of participants had correct knowledge on halitosis. Thus, It is interesting to find out the occurrence of halitosis, awareness of halitosis and relationship with oral health conditions among health care personnel. There is not much data available on the awareness of halitosis and oral health conditions in health care personnel of Myanmar. So, this study will be aimed at assessing the awareness of halitosis and oral health conditions of the health care personnel. Halitosis is not only associated with oral health conditions but also with systemic diseases. So, it is also interesting that health care personnel have knowledge or not about that halitosis is caused by systemic diseases. This study may facilitate the planning of community based oral health education programme and help the health care personnel to have awareness of halitosis and the relation of halitosis with oral health conditions. So, it is be considered to be interesting and beneficial to study about awareness of halitosis and oral health conditions among health care personnel in Magway region.
Preliminary Aim : To study the awareness of halitosis and oral health conditions among health care personnel in Magway region
Preliminary Objectives : 1. To assess awareness of halitosis by using questionnaire among health care personnel 2. To identify the prevalence of halitosis by using questionnaire and breath checker 3. To determine dental caries status by using DMF-T index and oral hygiene status by using Plaque index 4. To relate awareness of halitosis and oral health conditions (DMF-T, PI, Halitosis) among health care personnel
Preliminary Sample Size : To fulfil the objective, sample size will be calculated by using the formula Np (1-p)z_(1-α/2)^2 n = d^2 (N-1)+p(1-p)z_(1-α/2)^2 (Wayne W.D, 1995) where, n = Total number of subjects required N = Population size = 220 (from statistis of Minbu Township) p = 0.11 (Afolabi, 2009) d = 0.02 α = 0.05 𝑧 = 1.96 So that Minimum sample size of at least 180 participants will be needed for the study.
Preliminary Study Duration : September, 2020 to August, 2021 (one year)
Preliminary Study Area : Township Public Health Centers in Magway region
Preliminary Study Method : First of all, local authorities will be informed about the study and asked for permission. After getting the permission, with the help of authorities, participants will be recruited. Informed consent form will be sent to participants two days prior to examination date. A structured questionnaire which is translated by back-translation method was developed and tested on a pilot population prior to its administration in this study. The responses were evaluated, and modifications were made as required. The reliabilty of the questionnaire was tested by the Cronbach’s alpha score. The Cronbach’s alpha score was 0.79 which is reliable level (>0.60-0.80). The final questionnaire included eight questions which evaluated the awareness and self-perception of halitosis. Then, the examiner will explain about questionnaire and clarification will be made. Participants will be asked to answer the questions about awareness of halitosis. After questionnaire data collection, the participants will receive oral health examination by the examiner. The oral hygiene habits of the participants including frequency of tooth brushing and use of interdental aids and mouth rinses were evaluated. All participants will be examined to assess the dental caries experience by using Decayed, Missing, Filled Teeth Index (DMF-T Index) applying WHO (2013) criteria, oral hygiene status by using Plaque Index (Silness & Löe, 1964) and halitosis by using breath checker. Breath checker will be placed 1 cm away from the mouth and breathe into the sensor about 4 seconds. Breath odor level will appear on the display. All the procedures will be performed under universal precautions.
Preliminary Research Outcome : On going
Preliminary Research Finding : On going
Preliminary Progress Report : On going
Study Starting Date : 2020-09-01
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Date : 2020-08-26
Placement of IRB/PRC/ERC : University of Dental Medicine, Mandalay
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Letter/Document : 26112020060015convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2020-11-26_06-59-37.pdf
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