Preliminary Registration Detail

Research Registry No : PLRID-01156_V3
Postgraduate Research : local
Name of University : University of Public Health
Degree : PhD, Public Health
University Departmental Research : Yes
Name of University : University of Public Health, Yangon
Department : Department of Public Health, Ministry of Health
Registration Date : 2022-09-16
Principle Investigator : Dr Wint Phyo Than
Co-Investigators : Dr Aye Sandar Mon
Title of Research : “Risk Identification of Reintroduction of Malaria in Munaung Township, Rakhine State”
Field of Research : Public Health
Preliminary Research Design : Descriptive Study
Preliminary Research Type : Applied
Preliminary Justification : In Myanmar, Munaung is the only one township meeting elimination criteria for four years. Therefore, risk identification of malaria transmission would be important for the prevention malaria reintroduction. Documentation of such activities would be important for getting WHO certification of malaria elimination. The experience of prevention of reintroduction of malaria is relatively lower in Myanmar. Understanding the challenges for the prevention of reintroduction of malaria is the essential prerequisite for implementing the strategies towards malaria elimination. Munaung is manageable size for the new strategy for prevention of reintroduction. By doing this study, the detail information of Munaung will be learned. Munaung township will be easily learned more to the operational aspects and applied in other areas. The findings from the study, procedures, activities should be adapted to the other elimination townships in Myanmar. This is first study regarding the elimination implementation township to understand more, to get lessons learned on elimination process and adapt all over the country. After passing pre-elimination and elimination stages in Munaung township, now it’s time to learn a lot on how to sustain the elimination status and how to apply in other areas.
Preliminary Aim : To evaluate the risks of reintroduction of malaria transmission in Munaung Township, Rakhine State
Preliminary Objectives : 1. To identify receptivity status of the different areas of Munaung Township 2. To identify vulnerability status of the difference areas of Munaung Township 3. To identify community behaviors on malaria risks, and health seeking among the villager of Munaung township 4. To explore quality of health care services and surveillance system of malaria 5. To identify risk of reintroduction of malaria transmission in Munaung Township
Preliminary Sample Size : The study population for objective 1 and 2 are the health staff to cover all of 139 villages by self- administered question. Entomological survey will be conducted one village from each type of area (costal, forest, farm and plantation and plain area), total four villages for three times (pre-monsoon, monsoon and post-monsoon). For community survey for health seeking behavior for malaria, villagers (385) of age between 18- and 60- years old working age group from four selected villages (one village from each category) will be invited to respond to face to face interview. Quality of health services, records and review and KII to HA and MW from seven RHCs and TMO and SMOs from three hospitals. The list of tested population for malaria within three months and can contact will be asked the question to validate the blood testing.
Preliminary Study Duration : September 2022 to August 2023
Preliminary Study Area : Munaung Township, Rakhine State
Preliminary Study Method : Cross sectional study with parallel mixed method design will be used.
Preliminary Research Outcome : Receptivity, vulnerability, health seeking behavior on malaria, the health staff perception on the malaria elimination, quality of malaria surveillance on health services and data consistency and validity on malaria blood testing
Preliminary Research Finding : The risk of malaria reintroduction will be detected from this finding with the data of receptivity, vulnerability status, community behavior on malaria treatment seeking and the quality of health care services status.
Preliminary Progress Report : The progress reports will be updated three monthly.
Study Starting Date : 2022-09-30
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Date : 2022-08-30
Placement of IRB/PRC/ERC : University of Public Health, Yangon
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Letter/Document : 16092022124906Commuicationletter_DrWPT.pdf
Pre-existing Registration ID : No
Pre-existing Name of Organization : -
Pre-existing Name of Organization Website : -