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Research Registry No : HRID-00192_V9
University Departmental Research : No
Registration Date : 2020-03-25
Title of Research : Prevalence of Plasmodium vivax Infection in Selected Townships
Principle Investigator : Moe Kyaw Myint
Co-authors : Aung Thu, Mya Moe, Phyu Phyu Win, Win Htay Hlaing, Aung Kyaw Soe, Toe Aung, Khin Lin
Field of Research : Parasitology
Publication Source : Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal. 2018; 30(3): P242-243
Year of Publication : 2018
URL of Publication : -
Presentation Source : 44th Myanmar Health Research Congress. 2016; P17
Placement of Presentation : DMR, Yangon
Year of Presentation : 2016
Abstract : Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax are malaria parasites commonly infecting the human. Even as Plasmodium vivax potentially affects a large number of people like Plasmodium falciparum, it receives a small fraction of the research attention. In order to monitor the Plasmodium vivax infection, the community based cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted in two malaria endemic areas, Naung Cho township (Northern Shan State) and Pyin Oo Lwin township (Mandalay Region). It was done in wet season from June to November 2014 and in dry season from December 2014 to February 2015. The study population consisted of people with suspected malaria with any age and sex residing in studied areas. Blood examination for malaria species identification was conducted using both microscopic and Rapid Diagnostic Testing. Total of 434 malaria suspected cases were included into the study. Mean age of participants was 29±16.3 in year. The youngest was 1 and eldest was 75 years old. Male were 292 (67.3%) and female were 142 (32.7%). P.vivax infections were examined in 72 (16.6%) participants and P.falciparum infections were observed in 36 (8.3%) participants. Mixed infection with both P.vivax and P.falciparum were examined in 10 (2.3%) people. According to bi-variate analysis with Chi square test, male were more probable to be infected with P.vivax infection than female (OR=3.6, 95%CI=1.765-7.175). Twenty years and above aged participants were also more probable to be infected with P.vivax infection than younger population (OR=2.1, 95%CI=1.070-4.005). Prevention and control activity should be also emphasized on P.vivax infection as its prevalence was relatively increasing compared to P.falciparum infection in study areas.
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Date : 2014-05-14
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Letter/Document : 25032020032017PvinfERCapproval.pdf
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