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Research Registry No : HRID-00198_V10
University Departmental Research :
Registration Date : 2019-05-29
Title of Research : Diet consumption pattern of primary school children from four geographical regions of Myanmar
Principle Investigator : Moh Moh Hlaing
Co-authors : Mya Ohnmar, Sandar Tun, Myat Myat Thu,Thidar Khine, Wah Wah Win Su Su Hlaing, Hla Phyo Linn &Yin Yin
Field of Research : Nutrition
Publication Source : 45th Myanmar Health Research Congress 2017; Page3
Year of Publication : 2017
URL of Publication :
Presentation Source : 45th Myanmar Health Research Congress 2017:Page 3
Placement of Presentation : Department of Medical Research
Year of Presentation : 2017
Abstract : The school based descriptive study was conducted in basic primary schools, middle schools and basic high schools in urban and rural areas of Yangon, Mandalay, Taungyi and Mawlamyaing during November 2014 to February 2015. The study was aimed to assess the diet consumption pattern among primary school children . A total of 835 Grade IV and Grade V students (Boys 53.4% and Girls 46.4%) were interviewed using structured questionnaire including socio-demographic background, meal consumption, consumption of snack food, fruit and vegetable consumption. Nearly 84% of the students consumed main meal 3 times per day(72.6% in Yangon, 79.6% in Mandalay, 89.4% in Taungyi and 90.4% Mawlamyaing ).Only 5.5% of children consumed main meal 4times and above per day and 11.5% of children consumed 1-2 times per day. The most frequently missed meal is breakfast (3.4%) followed by lunch (1.9%) and dinner(1.4%). About 63% of children consumed fish 1- 2 days per week and 47.1 % and 47.8 % of children consumed meat 1-2 days per week and 3-5 days per week respectively. Only 29.1% and 14.8% % of children consumed vegetables and fruits 6-7days per week respectively and only 13% of children consumed milk daily. Nearly 40% ,27.3% and 22.6% of children consumes snack food 1-2times per day, 3 times per day and 4-7 times per day respectively. More than 50% of children consumed soft drink 1-2 days per week 47.1% and 43.7% of children consumed package snack food and instant noodle 1-2 days per week respectively. Fried meat/fish balls were consumed by 27.4%of children 1-2 days per week . About 4%,4.7%,2.0%,2.5% of children consumed soft drink, package snack food, instant noodle and fried meat/fish ball 6-7 days per week respectively. In conclusion, about 50% of children consumed the junk foods such as soft drink, package fried snack food and instant noodle at least 1-2 days per week. But, daily consumption of fruits ,vegetables and milk was low among primary school children. The findings highlighted the Nutrition education about food choices between healthy food and unhealthy food is still needed among primary school children.
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Date : 2015-02-19
Placement of IRB/PRC/ERC : Department of Medical Research
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Letter/Document : Food and nutrition surveillance.pdf
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