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Research Registry No : HRID-00393_V4
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Registration Date : 2019-05-17
Title of Research : Role of serum protein electrophoresis in detection of multiple myeloma
Principle Investigator : San San Htwe
Co-authors : Rai Mra , Htun Lwin Nyein, Win Pa Pa Naing, Aung Thu , Aye Mya Khine, Moe Thuzar Min
Field of Research : Others
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Year of Publication : -
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Presentation Source : 42nd Myanmar Health Research Congress. 2014; P77
Placement of Presentation : Department of Medical Research
Year of Presentation : 2014
Abstract : Multiple myeloma is a neoplasm of B cell lineage characterized by excessive proliferation of abnormal plasma cells, secreting abnormal immunoglobulin causing monoclonal gammopathy which can be detected by the presence of monoclonal (M) protein in serum electrophoresis. The different fractions of the serum proteins separate into 5 bands, as – the albumin, 1, 2,  and the  globulin fractions by doing electrophoresis. M protein appears as sharp symmetric spike-like peak in the gamma, beta or alpha regions in densitometer tracing. The aim of the study is to detect monoclonal (M) band on serum protein electrophoresis and to quantify monoclonal (M) protein concentration by densitometer. A total of 50 clinically suspected cases of multiple myeloma attended to Department of Clinical Haematology, Yangon General Hospital were selected for the study. Serum protein electrophoresis was performed on cellulose acetate strip. M band was detected visually and estimation of M protein was done by densitometer. Among the 50 cases, 19 cases (38%) had monoclonal gammopathy and were diagnosed to have multiple myeloma. Age of the patients ranged from 52 years to 77years. The male to female ratio was 1.1:1. All cases had the M band in the gamma () region. The mean concentration of the M protein was 4.63 g/dl, with a range of 3.6 to 7.41 g/dl. Serum protein electrophoresis is an easy to perform laboratory test which can be used for detection and quantification of monoclonal gammopathy and should be recommended as preliminary test for suspected cases of multiple myeloma.
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Date : 2009-02-13
Placement of IRB/PRC/ERC : Department of Medical Research
IRB/PRC/ERC Approval Letter/Document : MMSPE_ERC.pdf
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