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What is Myanmar Health Research Registry (MHRR)?
MHRR is a publicly accessible database of newly approved health researches that include clinical trials and non-clinical studies conducted in Myanmar.
What type of researches can be found in the registry?
All health-related research studies; both clinical trials and non-clinical studies can be found in the registry.
Why should I register my research?
The World Medical Association's Declaration of Helsinki 2013 states: “Every research study involving human subjects must be registered in a publicly accessible database before recruitment of the first subject”. In addition to this ethical mandate, there are scientific benefits to registering research such as (1) reduce unnecessary duplication (2) increase transparency and other benefits etc..
What studies should be registered on the Research Registry?
All research studies, from the first case report of a novel technology or surgical technique to observational studies like case series and cohort studies to interventional studies including randomized controlled trials should be registered on the Research Registry.
Who should register the trial?
The primary investigator or someone who have been nominated.
What should I do if I haven’t registered my study though I’ve already started?
It is an ideal one if you register your study before recruitment of the first participant. However, you can still register at the MHRR even if you have already started or even completed your study.
Can I change any information provided after submission to the registry?
Yes, you can login and make updates the information after submission to the registry.
What is the cost of registering a study?
There is no charge to register at the Myanmar Health Research Registry.
How can I find more details about MHRR?
You can contact us by email (, by phone ((+95) 137-5447 - (Ext) 123), by fax (+95125151), or by writing to us at the Department of Medical Research, No.5, Ziwaka Road, Dagon P.O, Yangon 11191, Myanmar.