Documents required for submission to Myanmar Health Research Registry (MHRR)

  • All Myanmar citizen Researchers are eligible for this submission of MHRR online website. Exception for MHRR website can be allowed the researchers of other citizens who concerned in research area of Myanmar.

  • All Researchers can register their research starting from year 2000 up to now only.

  • MHRR accepts Health Research Registry for Principal Investigator or main researcher who can submit own title of research paper, abstract, date of approval from Ethics Review Committee (ERC) and date, page, volume, year and name of published journal (local or international). Researcher needs to declare own research including title and research results or data that will be registered in MHRR website. If any problem occurs for duplication of research title and research data or results, researcher is totally responsible for solving this ownership problem. MHRR has not been concerned or took no responsibility for such duplication of research registry.

    Researcher must also require registration number from WHO Clinical Trial Research Registry Platform for submission of Clinical Trial Research Registry in MHRR. Researcher consent should be required for research registration of our website as following-

    Description of Abstract of paper / publication -- Yes / No
    Description of Full paper (website address) ---- Yes / No
    Communication of public (people chatting) --------Yes / No
    Description of own e-mail address ------------------- Yes / No

    Researcher must register only one time for particular name and email but they can add to register new research titles using own e-mail address and password at the time of online submission to MHRR.

    Guidelines for Submission to registry

    MHRR would like to invite you to submit registry for your research findings and data through our online submission. At first, you need to have registration before online submission.

    Please fill up the registration form completely personal data as show *

    1. First, you enter your name, sex, date of birth and NRC, Graduation, Designation, Permanent Address
    2. You have to upload current photo (Passport size- 1.4 x 1.8 inches)
    3. You have to fill up your Department/Institution with address information
    4. You have to choose your Medical subjects or others
    5. You fill up your email address that is extremely important because it is personal identification.
      Then click to enter
    6. All personal data of registered researcher should be securely archived in our MHRR administrative office. We advise you to use your email address as your user ID.
    7. You will receive Account Activation Mail including password in your inbox. Using the link enclosed, you can Log in again.
    8. You fill up your information as follows
      Name of Principal Investigator (Author)----------
      Title of your research---------
      Type of research--------------
      Name of Co-authors (maximum- 8)---------------
      Publication / Presentation Source (Local/ International)-------------------------
      Year of publication-----------------------------
      Date of PRC/ERC approval -------------------------
      Place of PRC/ERC approval -------------------
      Describe your Research Abstract/ Summary ------------------------
    9. I have to declare that the research work entitled "------------------------------------------" with research data and results is my own findings and I will take full responsibility to solve any problems after registration in MHRR online website.
    10. Do you want to participate in MHRR website online public chatting and Question and Answer Section?
    11. Do you have registration number from WHO Clinical Trial for Research Platform for any Clinical Research Trial ----------------------------------
      If yes, please describe – Name,
      Website, Reg No----
    12. Do you have any registration number from other International Primary Research Registry?
      If yes, Name of Research Registry --------------
      Website address-----------------------------------
      Research Reg. No----------------
    13. Then click to Register
    14. MHRR administrator will send the acknowledgement and personal Registration Number (HRID-XXXXX for Health Research Registry PRID-XXXXX for Postgraduate Research Registry, PLRID-XXXXXX for Preliminary Research Registry and CTRID-XXXXX for Clinical Trial Research Registry.) and registry date to researcher for registration within 2 weeks of online submission.
    15. If any problem occurs, the researcher will be notified of such rejection of registration by mail with reason for rejection. (For example- duplication of research title, failure of some documents for submission of registration, wrong ERC documents-placement and date of approval.)
    16. You can search the lists of Basic Research Registry and Advanced Research Registry including special fields of research, Name of researcher (PI), RID No., Name of Research Title and Date of research.
    17. You can access directly into Chat Room Section with member login in our MHRR website.
    18. After completion of your research, you need to submit Health Research Registry with your own password for Preliminary Research and Clinical Trial Research.